Urban Survival Bug Out Bag – 4 Person


Complete Survival Kit Designed to provide 2 Persons with Food & Water for 144 Hours or 4 Persons for 72 Hours
Protect Yourself and Your Family
Discrete Black Backpack
Food & Water
Emergency Guidebook


The Urban Survival Bug Out Bag was designed for those that live in Urban Areas. In an Emergency Evacuation Situation, it is important to stay low key while traveling through crowded areas and this Kit helps you do just that! The awesome Urban Discrete Backpack is Tactically Designed to look Ordinary while providing the user with everything he or she will need during stressful situations. Inside the Bag, you will find everything that you need to survive for 2 People for up to 144 Hours or 4 Persons for 72 Hours.

Urban Survival Kit Features: Discrete Backpack with Full Tactical Features (Backpack Video Below) – 19″x15″x10″ Plenty of Room to add Additional Items like Clothing etc. Food & Water – This Kit Contains the SOS Brand Food Rations and Water that is Approved by the US Coast Guard. The Food  & Water has a 5 Year Shelf Life. The Food Rations do not need any water and were designed to be Non-Thirst Inducing. Protection –

This Kit is considered one of the Best Kits on the Market – It has the items needed to survive any Emergency or Disaster. Whether you live in areas that are prone to Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Winter Storms, or Tornadoes, you will be covered. Do not wait for an emergency to occur before purchasing your Bug Out Bag, get yours today! Below are the Product Details.

FOOD & WATER 4 x 3600 kcal Food Bars with 5 Year Shelf Life (US Coast Guard Approved) 24 x 4.2 oz Water Pouch with 5 Year Shelf Life (US Coast Guard Approved) SHELTER & WARMTH 4 x Reflective Sleeping Bag 4 x Emergency Poncho 2 x Tube Tent 4 x Hand Warmers HYGIENE & SANITATION 4 x Toothbrush 2 x Toothpaste 1 x Comb 1 x Razor 1 x Shaving Cream 8 x Shampoo 1 x Soap Bar 4 x Feminine Pad 1 x Washcloth 1 x Toilet Paper (roll) 1 x Sewing Kit (small) BONUS 1 x Emergency Preparedness Guidebook 1 x Pencil 1 x Weatherproof Zip bag WATER PURIFICATION: 1 x Folding 1L Water Container 5 x Water Purification Powder 1 x Water Purification Instruction Sheet LIGHT & COMMUNICATIONS ​1 x Dynamo Radio / Flashlight 4 x Glow Sticks TOOLS 1 x 5-in-1 Survival Whistle 1 x 5mm x 50′ Rope 1 x Duct Tape 1 x Work Gloves 1 x Multitool Knife 1 x Playing Cards 1 x GI Can Opener FIRST AID 1 x 118 pc First Aid Kit 4 x N95 Mask

Additional information

Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 12 in

4 Person